Honeymoon in Italy

Italy has always been at the top of my list of places I wanted to visit (along with the rest of the world) and considering it’s one of the most romantic places in the world, what better time to go than for our honeymoon! I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go to a tropical island where I could just lay on a beach all day because I married Noah. The poor kid can’t handle a trip like that for more than 24 hours. He loves to explore. He’s the first one up in the morning ready to maximize the day and really immerse himself in the culture when traveling. I must say, it’s something I definitely love about him and he’s really helped transform me from a vactationer to a traveler. Plus, he’s pretty darn good at finding all the ‘hot spots’ everywhere we go.

So I gave up my short lived dream of honeymooning in a secluded hut on top of the water in the Maldives for a trip of a lifetime with my new, cute husband! The deal was, I’ll plan the wedding and you plan the honeymoon. And as you’ll see below, he did a pretty darn good job. So I guess this means I’ll keep him! 😉

Venice was in fact, V nice

Ponte di Rialto
St. Mark’s Square
Saint Mark’s Basilica
San Marco
Rio Dei Scoacamini
Rosso Pomodoro
Aperol Spritz at Rosso Pomodoro
San Polo
Grand Canal
Santa Croce
A Le Tole

We started our Honeymoon off in Venice. We arrived around 9am from the airport and hit the ground running. We only stayed here for one night, which we both thought was plenty. Venice is small so if you’re a traveler like us, you can see the entire place in that time.

Travel Tip: Pack light! I am the worst when it comes to this and Noah was telling me that I would regret bringing my large suitcase… but then again, this was our honeymoon! How was I supposed to fit all of my outfits for 10 days in a small carry on? Needless to say, Noah wasn’t too thrilled with me when he had to lug my large bag up and down the stairs over the canals to get to and from the hotel… woopsie! Welcome to Marriage, right? hehe 😉

Sites & things to see:

  • All of the canals- they’re everywhere so don’t worry, they’re hard to miss!
  • Grand Canal
  • Gondola Rides-this is very popular in Venice but when we went it was exceptionally warm so the thought of a slow boat ride in the hot sun sounded awful to us. They are also pretty expensive for a short amount of time
  • Ponte di Rialto- bridge that overlooks the water where larger boats are passing by
  • San Marco
  • St. Mark’s Square- great area to stop and get a drink and a bite to eat
    • Had live music in the square
    • Gorgeous Cathedral

Food Spots:

  • A Le Tole- cutesy dinner spot with live music
  • Rosso Pomodoro- neaopolitan pizza

There are definitely more food spots here and I hate to say that we may or may not have gone to Rosso Pomodoro more than once during our two days but… it was that delicious! And who can turn down a good Aperol Spritz?

Just going with the Flo in Florence

Croce Di Malta Hotel Rooftop

Trattoria ZaZa
Mercato Centrale
Piazza Della Signoria
Drago Verde
Uffizi Gallery
Ponte Vecchio behind us
Gelateria dei Neri
Pitti Palace
Il Mercato Centrale

We left Venice around 4PM and hopped a train to Florence, where we spent the next 3 nights. Florence is much different from Venice in that it has more of the ‘big city’ feel to it, which we love. People are out and about, giving the city life.

We arrived just in time for dinner (followed by gelato… dinner is always followed by gelato in Italy). Noah found Trattoria ZaZa, which was located in the middle of Mercato Centrale and had all the vibes. There was a line of people waiting to eat here, which usually means it’s got to be good. We made friends with people in line, which helped pass the time and before we knew it, we were being seated out on their covered patio to enjoy a delish dinner that was delightfully paired with views of the square.

As mentioned, gelato was next. Noah has the gift of a large appetite and is always able to find the best food spots that we “have to try”. Gelateria dei Neri was hands down one of the best gelato spots we’ve ever been to. In fact, it was so good that we went back every night after dinner. Oops. It got to the point where Noah was convinced that the people working there were going to recognize us! Considering they were always packed with fellow gelato lovers, I think it’s safe to say that we were the least of their concerns.

The next day, we were up bright and early and ready to see everything that Florence had to offer. We headed to Ponte Vecchio first in hopes of beating the crowds. Ponte Vecchio is a medieval stone bridge over the Arno River. Fun fact: It was the only bridge across the Arno in Flornece until 1218. During World War II it was the only bridge across the Arno that the fleeing Germans didn’t destroy.
After that, we headed to the Basilica. The line was insanely long and it was pretty hot out so we decided not to wait. We took pictures of the outside and decided to cool off in the Uffizi Gallery. We had so much fun looking at all of the wonderful artwork while Noah schooled me on the artists.

It was then time for lunch spot #1 (I warned you, we love to eat). We headed over to All’antico Vinaio for a sandwich. The place was packed but it moves quickly. Noah ordered the Prosciutto and me being the non-meat eater that I am, asked the guy to whip me up their best veggie option. ’twas delish. We then made our way to the Mercato Centrale where we found a cute indoor market selling all kinds of fresh food. From pasta, meats and seafood and all the wine. We grabbed a drink and explored the market before settling in a line to wait for lunch #2.

While waiting for our pasta, we met a gal who was telling us about airbnb experiences and how she had already booked a pasta making class through them and it was wonderful. Obviously, we had to look into this. We were surprised to learn that they offer a ton of fun stuff! Naturally, we saw wine tasting in Tuscany and were sold. We ended up booking the experience for the next day and it was amazing.

  • Sites and things to see:
    • Bascilica of Saint Mary
    • Via de Tomabuoni- the 5th ave of Florence- all the shops!
    • Duomo
    • Piazza Della Signoria-
    • Ponte Vecchio- famous bridge- have to go take pictures
    • Uffizi Gallery- art museum with Michelangelo paintings
    • Mercado Centrale- lots of tents set up selling random things- fun to walk through
      • Near this market is an inside food hall called Il Mercato Centrale. You can get a drink and walk around and eat at random vendors that are all making fresh pasta, meats, cheeses and everything Italian!
  • Food spots:
    • Trattoria ZaZa: big dinner spot- nice outdoor seating
    • Gelateria Dei Neri- amazing gelato. Went here every night and there was always a line & for good reason
    • All’antico Vinaio- sandwich shop that’s always busy- fresh prosciutto
    • Pizza place in Nicchio- Gusta Pizza- cheap and delicious. It’s a bit out of the way but if you like to walk and explore- check it out.
    • Giovanni- cute little dinner spot
  • Hotel:
    • We don’t care as much about hotels because we’re constantly on the go but we stayed at Croce Di Malta Hotel and they have a rooftop bar with the best view. So amazing to grab a drink right before sunset and watch it from up there. Gorgeous.

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