No Wining in Tuscany

The wine tasting day was one of my favorites. We were picked up by our guide in Florence and taken to these beautiful vineyards about 40 minutes away. It was a small group of about 10 of us and we visited one vineyard, Poggio Capponi, which was a blast. It overlooks the slopes of Chianti, which makes for beautiful photos (obvi important). The vineyard has been around for more than 500 years making delicious wines and olive oil. We were given generous portions of wine to sample, along with their olive oil, all while admiring the beauty of the vineyard.

We were then taken to the guides’ own home for lunch. This was one of our absolute favorite meals in Italy. When we arrived, the table was filled with tons of antipasto, which was followed by homemade pasta topped with fresh truffles and of course, all the wine. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Once we finished our meals, we were taken back to the city for our last evening Florence.

Italian Countryside

We decided to rent a car in Florence and make our way to the Amalfi coast. We made the decision that we were in no rush to get there and we would enjoy the ride. So that we did. We decided to make a day of it and stopped in a few small towns along the way.

Our first stop was San Gimignano. This was recommended by our tour guide at the winery. We stopped for coffee at a cute cafe then walked the town. The views of Italy were breathtaking and honestly the photos don’t even do it justice. We stopped at a little meat market, La Buca Di Montauto, so Noah could get a fresh prosciutto sandwich that was sliced off of the bone right in front of us. We walked through the rest of town and were on our way.

Next stop was Siena. We walked through the Piazza Del Campo, which is regarded as one of Europe’s greatest medieval squares. We then checked out the Siena Cathedral, which is tall, white and beautiful. After that, we walked in and out of some of the cute shops that are filled with tourists and headed to the next spot.

On the drive, we kept seeing a castle in the distance. It was on top of a hill and looked like something out of a movie. We had to see it for ourselves and that landed us in Proceno. It was a very small town that was so quiet. Everything was closed and no one else was around. We wandered through the town for a little bit to see the Castello Di Proceno and headed out.

As we were driving, we noticed a large body of water in the middle of our GPS. We aren’t ones to turn down a water view so we decided, what the hell and followed the map to the lake. This brought us to the Lago di Bolsena in, you guessed it, Bolsena. This was another small, quiet town but the lake was gorgeous. It went for miles into the distance and all you could see was blue. We pulled over and took our shoes off to walk along the sandy beach. The water was so clear and beautiful, I couldn’t help but get my feet wet. We stayed a while just admiring the beauty.

We were warned about the narrow, winding roads along the coast, so we figured we should probably get there before it got too dark. Before we knew it, the sun was down and we were dodging scooters in Naples trying to get to Sorrento. We stopped at a restaurant in the Piazza Tasso for some pizza and pasta (obvi) before finding our hotel.

Fun fact: We stayed in a different hotel almost every night throughout our trip. Noah is my own personal Trip Advisor and sometimes like to “see how it goes”. I mentioned earlier how we travel, not vacation so Noah doesn’t like to be tied down to anything, which allows us to change our mind on a whim. Trust me, this was so stressful for the planner type like myself but I had to learn to trust in his methods and just go with the flow. I kid you not, there were times when we were finishing dinner and Noah was finding and booking our hotel for that night. I KNOW.

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