I’m pretty Positano this place is perfection

Sorrento | Positano

The next morning we were up and ready to hit the town. We walked through Sorrento, grabbed some lunch and hit the road to Positano. I was so excited to get to the coast and thought we were finally in for some RnR. I’m sure you know by now, that never really happens when traveling with Noah. 😉 When we arrived, it was a bit colder than expected and I knew then that my beach days weren’t going to happen. So bring on all the exploring!

We settled in at Hotel Barilotto. It was a cute, family owned hotel and the owner could not have been any sweeter. He walked us to our room, which had a balcony overlooking the water. It was beyond gorgeous. We freshened up and headed to town. We were able to park the car in the front of the hotel and the hotel owner drove us to the main area, which was so nice!

Tip: It’s true what they say about the roads along the coast. They are extremely narrow, windy and to bee quite honest, pretty scary. Noah did an amazing job navigating through but it is definitely something that is not for everyone. Positano has a bus system that people use or a lot of these hotels offer transportation to and from town. Or if you’re very brave…  you can rent a scooter. The scooters are everywhere and honestly part of  what makes driving so scary! They pop out of nowhere and weave their way through everything. 

We walked along Via Cristoforo Colombo, which is the main road through Positano. The views are unbelievable. All of the colorful buildings that you see in photos, are much more beautiful in person. I think we took about a hundred pictures and they don’t even do it justice. We found a staircase that took us down to a bunch of shops that eventually led to the beach, Spiaggia Grande. There are a few restaurants along the beach but we decided to go back to the top for happy hour.

We popped in to Le Sirenuse, which is an amazing, luxury hotel, that has a lovely bar overlooking the bay of Positano. We waited about 20 minutes for the bar to open so that we could be the first ones in and grab a seat by the balcony. We made friends with another honeymooning couple and enjoyed drinks while watching the sunset over the cliff.

There a quite a few highly rated restaurants in Positano and we had a tough time deciding on a dinner spot. We had heard good things about Bruno and it was a short walk from Le Sirenuse so we decided to check it out. Without waiting too long, we were able to snag a table along the balcony so that we could enjoy our pasta while continuing to admire the view.

Amalfeelin Good

Amalfi | Ravello

We decided to drive the car up the coast to check out Amalfi and Ravello. We had a quick breakfast at the hotel, which also has a restaurant, Al Barilotto Del Nonno, that serves fresh, local foods. I brought my coffee up to the room to enjoy on the balcony since I couldn’t get enough of that view.

Amalfi isn’t too far from Positano and small enough to explore in a couple of hours. We explored the town and found a cute little place for lunch called Da Meme Trattoria e Pizzeria. We had pizza, pasta and live music. Can’t get much better than that, right? After lunch, we felt like we saw enough and made our way to Ravello.

Ravello is a little resort town that sits above the Tyrrhenian Sea by the Amalfi Coast and is the home to iconic cliffside gardens. We got tickets to the Villa Rufolo and it is highly recommended! It is so beautiful inside and out. The gardens are colorful and bright with breathtaking views.

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