Soaking up the Capri Sun

Next on our list of places to see was Capri. As mentioned, it got colder when we got to the coast and the wind was actually so powerful that the boats to and from Capri were stopped for the first two days that we were there. They couldn’t tell us if they would re-open or not the next day and since Amalfi is a smaller town and less boats are coming in and out, we decided to head back to Sorrento for the night and try to get a boat out from there in the morning.

Sure enough, we got lucky and the boats opened back up that morning and we were on the first one out! Along with our ferry tickets, we purchased tickets for a boat ride around the island. We hopped off of the ferry in Capri and hopped on to the boat for our water tour. (It was amazing.) The water was so beautiful and blue, we were sad it was too cold and choppy to get in. They took us around the entire island pointing out significant landmarks and explaining the history. My favorite part was when we went through the famous Tunnel of Love. They say that if you kiss your love as you pass under the tunnel then you will be together forever! Obvi, I snagged a smooch from the hubs and I must say, it was oh so romantic ;).

After the boat ride, we walked all the way up to the Piazza Umberto (there is a trolley that can take you but we opted for the scenic route). The Piazza is the most famous square located in the historic center of Capri. Gorgeous views of the island can be found up there as well as tons of designer shops to peruse.

We stopped at a little pizza place (obvi) and sat on the patio and soaked in all the views. We then walked what felt like the entire island before it was time to head back and hit the road to our last stop, ROME.

Before starting the journey to Rome, we detoured a bit back to Naples so Noah could fulfill his foodie dream of getting pizza in the birthplace of the Neapolitan. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele is listed as a top pizza spot in all of Italy and we just had to try it. We skimmed through the thousands of reviews (they have almost 10K reviews on google ps) to find out that the best way to get this ‘za was to order to-go. People wait in line for hours just to eat here and we weren’t ready to do all that. I walked up and asked for two pies to go and they immediately sent me to hang out by the ovens and the owner. He saw how excited I was and instructed me to take pictures with the cooks! They were so friendly and fun and the pizza was ready in minutes. By the time Noah found a parking spot, I was already coming out double-fisting margherita’s. They were so fresh and so delicious, I definitely recommend!

Fun Fact: a popular pie is the Marinara pizza, which is similar to the Margherita but without the cheese. When I first heard of this I thought, who wants a pizza with no cheese?! #amiright Apparently, they pass on the cheese in order to highlight the tomato sauce, oregano, garlic, and olive oil. Super interesting…. but I’ll def be sticking to the regular cheesy ‘za. You’ll see this on almost every pizza menu in Italy so now you know! 🙂

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