Italy Travel Tips

A few tips that I picked up from our trip that could be helpful to you!
  • Wear Comfy Shoes:
    • If you’re anything like us and like to do a bunch of walking, comfy shoes are crucial! A lot of the roads are cobble stone and walking with flip flops or anything that doesn’t have a decent sole, will cause your feet to hurt over time. I purchased the Adidas Grand Court Sneakers right before our trip and wore them every day. They were a life saver for me since we walk all day every day! I also found them for cheaper at DSW. 😉
  • Bring Bug Spray:
    • This was something that we were not prepared for. I am not sure if it was the time of year that we went (we went in September) but mosquitoes were in full swing! We got eaten mostly in Venice and Florence, but it was bad. I had to buy anti itch stuff and covered myself in bug spray every morning before heading out to avoid being eaten any more than I already was.
  • Converters:
    • Make sure you do your research on your electronics before plugging them in to just any converter. I have traveled overseas many times and had a couple converters that I brought with us to Italy and on the first night, I blew out my straightener. Being a gal with naturally curly hair, I was not pleased. Make sure you read labels and know what you can and can’t use while away.
  • Pillows:
    • For some reason, Italians do not seem to care about fluffy pillows. I’m one of those that sleeps with a million pillows on my bed and at least 2 under my head. The pillows in every place that we stayed were so flat that even after stacking two, it still didn’t amount to the fluffiness that I’m used to. It wasn’t that big of an issue but if you’re really into your pillows, consider packing a travel one!
  • Carry a purse that zips:
    • I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but pick pocketing is real and the last thing you want to happen is to get things stolen while trying to enjoy your trip. I love to use my Longchamp bag when traveling because it’s lightweight and folds up into a small pouch, which makes it easy to pack away. It completely zips up at the top and it’s also nylon, which is great for a ton of reasons. It can get dirty or wet and is very easy to clean! They’re also pretty cute so they go with just about anything and come in a ton of different colors.
  • Pack Light!
    • If you’re anything like me, this is something that I struggle with. I’m the girl that feels the need to pack everything because I always want to be prepared. I was told by a lot of people to pack light because the constant travel from one place to another gets challenging when you’re lugging a large, 50lb suitcase. Needless to say, I didn’t take this advice and I wish I had. Poor Noah got stuck hauling my suitcase over canals in Venice… in my defense, he did know what he was getting himself in to when he married me. 😉 In all seriousness though, if you’re able to bring a smaller suitcase and just pack light, it’ll make the traveling part a lot easier.

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