All The Tall Things


As a long-legged gal who stands tall at 5’8, I’ve always had issues with finding things (specifically shorts & pants) that were long enough. I’m not even kidding when I say that I’ve had issues with shorts since elementary school. I was that tall, lanky, third grader who would get sent to the principal’s office for wearing shorts that were too short. THIRD GRADE.

The problem was, if they fit me in the waist then they were definitely going to be too short in length. I got lucky having a tall, thin assistant principal who was able to empathize and give me the “girl, I feel ya” look every time I was brought in. Since then, I’m convinced that I developed some sort of PTSD where if my shorts ever seem “too short” I feel uncomfortable wearing them. Being from Texas.. that’s a hard work around when we have such beautiful summers where the temps hang out around 100 degrees. If I were ever lucky enough to find a pair of shorts that were long enough to cover my tush, I would buy more than one because I knew, some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.

Then came jeans. When I was growing up, there were no skinny jeans that would stop at your ankle and look super cute. Those were the days of the famous “boot cut” jean that we literally cut on the sides to make look “cool”. Oh 90’s fashion… don’t you just miss it?! I spent many days at the mall trying to find jeans that would be anything but high waters on me and almost always failed. Needless to say, the struggle was real.

Long story short, I know all too well what it’s like to see how cute jeans and shorts and rompers and even dresses are on some of our favorite people, but also know that most of those things would never fit the same way on me. That is, unless, I never planned on sitting down or bending over while wearing said items. It took me years to appreciate my height and love the tall drink of water that I am. 😉 I went from never wearing heels to being completely fine with knowing I’ll probably be one of the tallest ones at the party. At least I know I’ll get the best view. #amiright?

I search high and low for stores that happen to offer “long” or “tall” versions of their clothes or shops that offer more than one option for length. I know the hunt for things that fit and look good can be daunting and sometimes disappointing, which is why I would love to share my finds (and sometimes hacks) with my fellow daddy long leg ladies out there! Stand tall betches. Because being tall is fricken awesome.

Favorite spots to shop ‘Tall’

Topshop: They not only have a “tall” option but they also offer a variety of lengths in their jeans. I know most of them go up to a 34 length. I typically go for the 32L. You can also ‘shop by fit’ on their website and view everything they have in ‘tall’.

Loft: If you’re a working gal like myself, then I’m sure you know all about the wonderfulness that is dress pants. I used to buy the cropped dress pant (because any normal length was basically a crop for me anyway) and was constantly having to pull them down to keep them from looking like capri’s. And then I found Loft. They have a ‘tall’ section as well that I have found to be wonderful. I now only purchase my dress pants from there. My favorite fit is the Marisa fit-skinny ankle pant. Added bonus, Loft almost always has a great sale going on.

Express: I love shopping at express and they too offer some of their pants and jeans in ‘long’. A lot of their jeans run a bit longer than other places so sometimes I can get away with wearing the regular but it’s nice to know that they have the option!

American Apparel: I don’t shop here as much but I have a couple pair of high-waisted jeans from here and they are the perfect length! They are called The Easy Jean and they have a 30 inch inseam.

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