Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and if you’re anything like me, the last thing you like to do is go out on Vday. Our dativersary was February 4th and then Noah’s birthday is February 22nd and my birthday is March 6th.. so there were just too many celebrations in a row. We decided to make Valentine’s Day our date night at home celebration and honestly, it’s my favorite.

I wanted to share a few date night ideas that don’t involve scrambling for a reservation at those restaurants that book up months in advance for Valentine’s Day.

Date Night ideas for you & your dude

  • Date night at home: Pick a new recipe (or an old favorite) for you two to make together at home. Light some candles and tell Alexa to play “smooth jazz” (I swear, it’s the best station). I love browsing through Skinny Taste to find delish new recipes.
  • Date night at the movies: I love a good movie night and I feel like people don’t go to the movie theater nearly enough anymore. There’s something about getting a tub of popcorn and watching a good flick on the big screen that really makes a difference.
  • Date night at the Bowling Alley: Sometimes it’s fun to get out and do something you don’t normally do, like bowling! For those of you who like to be active and do stuff, this is a great date night. It adds in some friendly competition between you and your guy, which always makes for a good time, right?! 😉

Date Night ideas for you & your Galentines

Valentines Day isn’t just for those with significant others! It’s also fun holiday to celebrate with your gals!

  • Galentine’s Date Night: A fun date night with your galentine’s is to have someone host a dinner party! Each gal brings a course: appetizer, dessert, cocktails, etc. while the host cooks the main dish. It makes for a fun night in hanging with your best gals.
  • Trivia Night: A lot of local bars host trivia nights, which are always so much fun. Get the gals together and go have some fun. Who knows, there could always be some eligible bachelors out doing the same thing 😉
  • Yoga & Mani Pedi Night: There’s nothing better than winding down with some yoga and then treating yo-self to some pampering afterwards. I’ve never met a gal who doesn’t love a good mani pedi. Find a salon that offers BYOB to make it a little more fun. 😉

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