Tulum or not Tulum

Our recent trip to Tulum was nothing short of wonderful. It’s truly a beautiful place to visit and we had so much fun celebrating Noah turning the big 3-0!

We decided to go from Friday-Tuesday, which was plenty of time. We flew in to Cancun early Friday morning and rented a car since Tulum is about 2 hours away. There are other transportation options that you can choose but we felt that renting a car was best for us and gave us a lot more flexibility.

We arrived at hotel #1 (if you read my Italy post you know that we’re hotel hoppers ;)) in the early afternoon and immediately headed to the beach. The first hotel we stayed at was Los Lirios. If you’re planning a trip to Tulum, you’ll notice that a lot of hotels are very expensive and since we spend little time in the room, we weren’t ready to dish out $1K for a bed. Noah’s always been good at shopping around and finding the “deals” on good spots and were able to snag this one for a good rate. We had a beach view with a balcony and a hot tub. I’d def say we were off to a good start!

Los Lirios is in a good location and right next door to Ziggy’s Beach Club, where we went for lunch. This trip involved a lot of fresh seafood, which made this pescetarian the happiest.

After laying beach side for a couple of hours we decided that it was time to hit the town. There were so many spots that we wanted to hit while on our trip and we were determined to see it all. (per usual)

The beach town is very walkable and safe. That was also a big question for me before traveling to Tulum–was it safe? I of course got fed the stories of someone’s friend knew someone who had this or that happen to them in Mexico and to beware. I’m also the type of gal who watches way too much SVU and always thinks everyone’s a potential perp. Luckily, I have Noah the Explorah who always snaps me back to reality. Yes, you should always be cognizant of your surroundings and especially in new places that you’re unfamiliar with. But I will say, I felt very safe in Tulum.

Anyway, back to our night– we walked from Los Lirios to our first stop, Gitano. We stopped along the way in random places like Cenzontle-jardin secreto, because they were too cute to pass up. As you’ve probably already seen, Tulum is insanely grammable and as Noah likes to say, “has all the vibes”. There are tons of different spots, from shops to restaurants, along the main road and each place is cuter than the next.

We got to Gitano and opted for the “jungle bar“, which is in the back and so freakin’ cute. From the checkered floors to the neon signs, the place is adorable. We sat at the bar and enjoyed a few cocktails (& maybe some bday shots) before heading to the next spot.

We stopped at I Scream Bar, because I can never pass up a good pun and Noah can’t pass up a good 2 for 1 margarita deal. The drinks were delicious and cheap and the live music wasn’t too shabby either. We hung out here for a while, taking in all the vibes and building up our appetite before heading to Casa Jaguar for dinner.

Beach Sea-Sun

Day two in Tulum… so really that makes it day TWOlum. Too far? No? K good.

Since it’s been winter pretty much everywhere, I was eager to get my pale self to the beach. Los Lirios provided a complimentary bfast, which consisted of fresh fruit and eggs. Everything in Tulum is health friendly, which is really nice, especially since we typically go ham eating just about everything when on vacay. They offer a ton of yoga and exercise classes that we def opted out of (who works out on vacay?) but still nice that it’s there!

Noah can’t sit still so in order for me to get a nice base coat going, I sent him to get a beach massage while I read The Tattooist from Auschwitz– v good book btw.

After a couple of hours in the sun, we decided to walk along the beach and head towards Casa Malca. I’m a big Narcos fan so I had to see Pablo’s old mansion turned high class hotel. Casa Malca was literally at the other end of the beach so we had fun bopping in and out of all the beach clubs along the way.

There are tons of nice hotels in Tulum and almost all of them have beach clubs with restaurants. Our first stop was Raw Love. I had seen it all over insta and read reviews about how great and fresh the food was. We ended up running into the woman who handles the social media for Raw Love and she asked us to pose for a mini photo shoot. Obvi, we couldn’t say no. See below LOL.

After enjoying an acai bowl, we kept going moving. Once we got to Casa Malca, we had obviously built up another appetite so we grabbed some fish tacos at the restaurant on the beach. This hotel was beautiful. From the swinging chairs, the grand entrance, to the chandelier room, this place was clearly fit for a king.

We took the main road back and stopped at Matcha Mama for a smoothie. (I told you, the eating never stops on vacay). Speaking of eating, we were told that Hartwood was a must go-to spot and we found out that if you don’t have a reservation (which are very hard to make apparently) then they accept walk-ins only at 5:30pm, when they open. Noah was determined to try it so we made sure to get there at 5:20pm and wait in the line with hopes of getting seated. Luckily, we did and people kept piling in. While this place is highly rated, I hate to say that we thought it was good but pretty overpriced.

Next up was Kin Toh, the bar that’s at Azulik. If you haven’t already heard, Azulik is a pretty expensive, luxurious hotel. The hut like rooms are all accessed by crazy cool bridges. I’ve linked it here so you can get the idea. The bar was just as cool. There was a netted area that you could sit on and enjoy your drink or head to the back where they had live music. It was very dimly lit and def had vibes.

Tulum… Beaches.

We started the day with breakfast at the cute Ojo De Agua. Not only was the place super cute but the food was pretty delish, too.

We wanted to check out the Mayan Ruins so that we did before heading to Tulum Beach to post up for a few hours. PS-The ruins are walking distance from Tulum beach.

PSA: The beaches have a LOT of seaweed. I don’t know if that’s how it is all the time but they had workers wheelbarrowing loads of it from the shore. It’s weird and kinda gross. Some parts are worse than others but just beware!

Soaking up the sun sure gave us an appetite so we stopped at Posada Margherita to get some lunch before heading to town. That place is seriously so adorable. Even if you don’t eat there, you have to go in and see all the cutesy stuff!

There are two areas of Tulum, the beach area with all the nice hotels and then the town area where the locals and cheaper prices are. We knew we wanted to experience both so town was where Noah booked hotel #2.

We checked in to Jungle Keva and it was amazing. The place is brand new, just opened in December of 2018 and a little off the beaten path but it was quite the experience. We met the owner upon arrival, who was super sweet and welcoming. Our room/villa was unlike any other we’ve stayed in before. This place had ALL the jungle vibes. I would def recommend it to anyone and everyone!

We spent that evening exploring the town of Tulum and it was really fun. We grabbed dinner at El Camello, which is a hot, local spot. Good food and about half the price of what you’d pay near the beach. We then obviously needed to get MORE food so we went to Antojito La Chiapaneca, which is a very popular spot for tacos Al Pastor. I wasn’t lying about all the eating..

We then bopped around to a few of the bars, starting with Encanto Cantina, where the band called The Sharks play old school American rock music. It was pretty amazing and quite the surprise. They also have a super cute heart that hangs out on their lit up patio that makes for cute pics. 😉

We were told that Batey makes the best mojitos so we had to check it out. This bar was in a really cool area with a lot going on. Tons of locals and tourists all around. Batey also has live music, which made it that much more fun. Not only do they have great mojitos, but they have a guy posted up in an old volkswagon in the middle of the bar cutting sugar cane to add to the drinks! V cool.

Seas The Day

A Cenote was definitely on our list. We did some research and found that the Grand Cenote was apparently the best one to check out. We got there early in the morning to avoid the crowds. It was also a Monday so we hoped that would help. They make you shower/rinse off before getting in to the Cenote so just take note and bring a towel. We made that mistake. But they have cute hammocks that you can hang out and dry off in.

The Grand Cenote was truly beautiful. The clearest, bluest fresh water I’ve ever seen. I def recommend checking it out.

We hit Burrito Amor for a quick bite before heading to our third and final hotel, Kore. It was back in the beach area and it was all inclusive. The place is beautiful. They have an infinity pool that looks out to the ocean and a swim up bar. done.

Since it was all inclusive, we figured we’d just stay here but after having a sub-par dinner, we decided to head back to town for one last night of more eating and drinking. The vibes in the town are too fun to miss so if you’re traveling to Tulum, definitely do both!

After way too much time in the sun, it was time for us to head back to the H. Tulum, you are freakin’ gorgeous and I’m so glad we got a chance to meet. Until next time!

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