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I’ve always been one who finds makeup that I like & I stick to it. I’ve honestly been using the same blush since high school….that’s how loyal I am. But, from time to time, I find new products to add to my collection & wanted to share what I use & why I use it! You can find everything linked at the bottom!

Estee Lauder Double Wear

I’ve recently discovered the Estee Lauder Double Wear & I swear it’s life changing. I was using the IT Cosmetics CC cream, which was great, but it would always leave me greasy looking by the middle of the day & I hated that. The double wear makes my face look so clean & honestly, by the end of the day, my face looks as good as it did when I first put on my makeup that morning. The double wear also passed the Houston Heat test. I was outside for a few hours & my face didn’t sweat off. At. All. #incredible.
I use the color: Rattan & apply with this brush.

Tarte Shape Tape

In addition to the double wear, I have a few other staples that I consider to be “Must Haves”. The Tarte Shape Tape– woah. If you’ve never used this, you’re truly missing out. Funny story– one of my best friends fell on her face & had terrible black eyes (it was all fun & games, I promise). I gave her the Shape Tape & it completely covered them up! I also have darker skin, so naturally have darker under eyes, & this always brightens my face. I def swear by this product.
I use the color: Light Neutral & blend this with the Amazon beauty blenders.

Estee Lauder Bronzer & Tarte Bronzer

After I put the first two things on, I apply the Estee Lauder bronzer on my cheeks, forehead & around my jaw line. Normal bronzer application I’d say. Sometimes, if I’m feeling pale, I put that ish all over. I then take some of the Tarte bronzer & apply it along my cheek bones for that contoured look. It smells like the beach & lasts for such a long time. It’s fab.
I use the color Medium Deep in the Estee Lauder & Park Ave Princess in the Tarte.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz & Tattoo Liner

I swear by the brow wiz. I color in my, already dark, brows to give them the shape I like. Even my eyebrow lady asked me if my brows were micro-bladed because this pencil is that good. I’ve tried a few knock off versions but nothing compares. I’ve also been loving this Kat Von D Tattoo Eye Liner. It’s not my everyday go-to but I definitely use it for when I go out. It goes on so nicely and would def be perfect if you’re someone who likes a winged look.
I use the brow wiz shade: dark brown. 

MAC Blush & Tarte Lights Camera Flashes Mascara

I have been using this MAC Blush since high school. I swear. It’s just the right amount of pretty pink to add a pop to my cheeks. The lights camera flashes mascara is one that I keep coming back to. I was using the Dior blackout for a while but it would always leave black marks under my eyebrows so I switched back to this guy. I like it a lot & the bottle is super cute so that always helps 😉 
I wear the blush color: Dolly Mix

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Lip

My favorite lip stick and liner in one! This is a matte lip color that I literally wear every day. I use the Rich Nude color as an every day & I like to spice things up with the Rose Brown color for going out. These honestly last for so long, too!

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  1. This was so helpful!! I’ve always loved the tarte shape tape for under eyes but have never tried their bronzer. Also, that bobby brown lip color is to die for on you!! Thanks for the suggestions, it’s time for me to switch things up!

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