Our New Orleans Wedding


September 15th will forever be THE best day of our lives. We got married in New Orleans, LA & it was truly the most magical weekend. I’m from Houston & Noah is from DC & we really wanted to get married somewhere that wasn’t one of our home towns. We also knew that we wanted a wedding weekend & not just a day. So the decision was made, a destination wedding it was. But not your typical beach destination, we wanted some kind of city where we would all have a great time. We really wanted to have a fun wedding, & I’m pretty sure that was accomplished. 😉

My younger brother went to Tulane University, which was when Noah & I started visiting New Orleans together years ago. We spent a few NYE’s there & if you’ve ever been, you know that it doesn’t take long to figure out that New Orleans is always a good time. It’s such a unique city so we knew that our guests would definitely enjoy themselves. I also loved the fact that you get to do a second line, which is where the bride & groom & the entire wedding party & guests, led by a brass band, march through the streets waving handkerchiefs. Yeah, I know. Sounds awesome, right? I would see these happening when we would visit NOLA & thought it was the coolest thing & let me tell you, it is. Typically, these happen when going from the ceremony to the reception but since ours was all at the same venue, we decided to have it as our exit & lead everyone to the after party. Best idea.

Our wedding weekend was everything & more. We’ll be forever grateful to our families for giving us the wedding of our dreams. I know I speak for Noah when I say that we both had never felt so loved. We’re so blessed to have such amazing friends & family who traveled near & far to celebrate with us. The weekend flew by & I would give anything to be able to re-live it again. You spend so much time planning & thinking about every detail but when the time comes, the most important part of all is being surrounded by the ones you love & marrying your best friend.

New Orleans was hot, we were sweaty, but we definitely had FUN.

Our video is something that I don’t think I’ll ever get over. I could not thank Eskimo Love Stories enough for the outstanding job they did capturing everything so perfectly. I wanted our video to be a bit different from your normal wedding vid & they exceeded every. single. expectation. I don’t know how they do it but I am forever thankful. We will be re-watching these videos until the end of time!

Welcome Party

We kicked off the wedding weekend with a Welcome Party at Galatoire’s. We invited all of our guests to join us & start the celebrations. Galatoire’s is located on Bourbon St, & if you know anything about NOLA, you know it gets wild. We didn’t know at the time, but our parents had snuck off & gotten dozens of beads for our guests to toss over the balcony… It turned out to be a wonderful surprise. The things people will do for beads is just hysterical. Imagine all of our guests, some of which had never been to New Orleans before, yelling over the balcony & tossing out beads. To say we started the weekend off on the right foot, would be an understatement!

Dress / Shoes

Our Wedding Day

We stayed at the Hotel Monteleone and that’s where we also got ready on the day of. We have always loved this hotel & would stop by the carousel bar every time we came to town. It’s an actual carousel that moves around while you’re seated at the bar. It’s quite adorable.

We had the wedding at Marche. It’s a beautiful venue located in the French Quarter, about a block away from Cafe Du Monde. When picking out venues, we looked at three different ones & I left not being able to stop thinking about Marche. It was nice & cozy, already gorgeous & in the most perfect location. I knew it was the one.

I wanted to share some of the highlights from the big day so scroll away! Be sure to go all the way to the bottom for some more! 🙂

Sunday Brunch

We rounded out the weekend with a brunch on Sunday at Palace Cafe where we said goodbye to our guests & let the post wedding blues sink in. We had such a magical weekend, it was hard to believe that it came & went so quickly.

Funny Story…

After our wedding photos came back, I decided that I didn’t love them. They definitely captured the fun that was had at the wedding but we didn’t get really any portrait shots of Noah & I or any pictures of me with my veil, etc… After much debate, I decided that I wanted to “re-do” our photos. I spoke to a couple of photographers & they reassured me that I was not alone. One photographer even told me, “You’d be surprised at how many couples do this after their wedding!” Phew. I wasn’t crazy! I knew that I wanted photos of us to look back on in our spiffy outfits that we’d never wear again. To my surprise, it didn’t take much convincing to get Noah on board. #win

I searched for a photographer in Houston since we weren’t going to make the trek back to NOLA just for some photos. I ended up finding Brittani Taylor, whose photos I absolutely loved & you can see why below.

THE END! 🙂 Weddings are amazing & ours is my favorite. To anyone who is engaged, ENJOY ALL OF THE MOMENTS! It’s such a special time in your life & it happens in the blink of an eye. I am so lucky to have married my best friend & I can’t wait to spend all of our days together. <3


Dress & Veil: Essense of Australia bought at Weddings by Debbie in Houston
Invitations: Stationery Stylist
Napkins: Shutterfly
Hair & Makeup: Glam on Location
Band: Phunky Monkey
Second Line Band: Free Agents Brass Band
Wedding Planner: Emily Sullivan
Photographer: Studio Tran
Cake: Gambino’s Bakery
Videographer: Lonely Eskimo Films
Venue: Marche
Hotel: Hotel Monteleone
Bridesmaids Dresses: Lulus
Grooms Tux: Indochino
Groomsmen Tux: The Black Tux
Flowers: Sia Ravari

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