Holiday Gift Guide for Him

The holiday season is here so let the gift giving begin! I put together a guide of gifts for “him” since in my experience, the guys are always the hardest to shop for. These could be great for your significant other, brother, dad, uncle… you get the point. Any guy in your life!

I thought it would be fun to include the husband in this one since who knows what a guy wants better than a guy himself! These are all “Noah Approved” 🙂

Everything is linked below:

  1. Pupsocks: These are such a fun gift! I actually got Noah a pair with my face on them for Valentines day one year & he wore them to our rehearsal dinner before our wedding! You can also spice them up and put your pets face on there!
  2. Apple Airpods: I have a pair and I promise, they’re worth the hype! Noah always tries to steal mine so I know what’s on his list this year 😉 They’re not only perfect for the gym, I use them daily at work when I make calls!
  3. Customizable Map: This is my favorite. We have one in our home and love nothing more than adding pins to the places we’ve been after a trip. The bottom reads: The Adventures of Rachael & Noah. Perfect gift you can enjoy year round!
  4. Tickets to his favorite sporting event: I obviously don’t have a link to this one but sometimes “experience gifts” are the best gifts of all.
  5. Ugg Slippers: The perfect house shoe & Truly the warmest! They have a nice sole on the bottom so they can be worn outside, too!
  6. Yeti Rambler: Noah uses his Yeti everyday & so do I! It’s perfect for keeping drinks like my to-go coffee warm and my smoothie cold.
  7. Toiletry Bag: The perfect bag for traveling! I got one for Noah & he brings it on every trip. The customized initials add the perfect personal touch.
  8. Half-Zip Sweater: I haven’t met a guy who doesn’t look good in these! I get one for Noah every year and they are great for winter!
  9. Yeti Cooler: If you want to splurge a little, these coolers are all the rave. They last forever and keep things cold for hours on end.
  10. Adidas Ultraboost: Noah raves about these shoes and how they are the comfiest things he’s ever owned.
  11. Stance Socks: These socks are so fun. They have a bunch of different styles & you can get ones that have his favorite sports team on them!
  12. Herschel Travel Duffel: Perfect for weekend getaways!
  13. M.Gemi Shoes: These leather shoes are a more affordable version than designer! They are wonderful quality & Noah loves these from them.
  14. Lulu Joggers: Workout wear for the colder temps! Noah also raves about their undies. Linked here.

Happy Shopping!

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