Happy Challah Days!

Happy Challah Days, y’all!

It’s officially Hanukkah & oh what Funakkah! Ps- that’s a line from probably the only Hanukkah song there is out there sung by THE great, Adam Sandler. Listen HERE 🙂

If you’re anything like me, a Jewish gal who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, I’m sure you’ve been asked a time or two, {or realistically} a million, “Omg.. you don’t celebrate Christmas?! So like, what do you do?!” I celebrate HANUKKAH. Yes, I know it may come as a shock to some but there are other holidays that take place in the month of December. Although, it may be hard to even fathom since everywhere you turn there is something Christmas related in your face. Whether that’s the décor on every corner, or the songs on every radio station or the movies on every channel, the list goes on! And don’t get me wrong, I. LOVE. IT. I’ve always been that one token Jew who loved everything about Christmas. And to be honest, I was always a tad jealous of all of my friends who got to celebrate it. (Yep, I said it.)

I grew up in a predominantly Christian area so every year, December would roll around & all the questions got asked like, “What are you doing for Christmas?” or, “What did you get for Christmas?”, “Why don’t you have a tree?”, “Why is your house the only one not decorated with lights?” And you know what, I seriously never understood the lights thing since Hanukkah IS the festival of lights, after all?!? Why aren’t we throwing lights up all over the house, too?! Oy vey.

It was always awkward as a kid to try and explain what my Jewish family did instead of celebrating Christmas. Mostly because kids don’t really understand why you would go to the movies and eat Chinese food instead of open gifts that Santa brought. It wasn’t until I got older that I truly appreciated the fact that we had our own holiday. Yes, it is very different from the majority of people but it was ours. We had our own family traditions & lit the candles & exchanged gifts but my Persian/Israeli dad never approved of us getting a tree. “Oh mom, come on it’ll be so cute and fun to decorate!” (my mom loves to decorate anything & everything so she was so down) but my dad always put his foot down. “We are not Christian & that is not our holiday.” I always told myself that one day when I grew up and got married & started my own Hanukkah traditions, it would involve at least a tree. And it didn’t need to be with Santa Claus & reindeer & the whole shebang, it could be blue & white and be my very own Hanukkah bush! {It’s totally a thing, I swear}

Fast forward to now & that is just what I’m doing! My cutie, also Jewish, husband was a little hesitant at first & I could hear my father saying all over again, “That’s not our holiday”.. but when I told him how growing up that’s all I wanted, he quickly got on board/ happy wife happy life, right?! 😉  When we got married, I thanked my lucky stars that Amazon was already invented & that you can find just about anything your heart desires on that thing. Including, a Star of David tree topper! Yeah, I know. I was shook, too. There it was. My Hanukkah bush was born! I went out & got my first fake tree & bought the cutest blue & white ornament set & quickly realized… I have no idea wtf I’m doing. Again, thankful to live in the time of us bloggers who have tutorials on everything, including tree decorating! #woop. I was able to sort through the Hanukkah section at Michael’s- AKA: the one small shelf in the back of the store- to find two Hanukkah ornaments & thought, well alrighty, this is it but I’m still excited.

I am very lucky that now they have all the fun things related to Hanukkah that they do for Christmas like Mensch on a Bench, Hanukkah ornaments & stockings & even Hanukkah wreaths! I might have to go to ten stores before I find one, but I’ll take it. Now, our new traditions can be searching for that one Hanukkah ornament at a holiday market or in a holiday store to add to our tree. Even letting the gifts collect under the tree gets me more excited for the holiday. {I may or may not have wrapped a couple of empty boxes to make it look more full but who’s counting} 

Whatever it may be that you have always wanted to do, do it. You only get one life & you might as well live it the way YOU want, because no one else will do it for you. I know some can argue that a Christmas tree is meant for Christmas but you know what, you do you and I’ll do me.

Happy Challah Days everyone! Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, I hope you celebrate it in whatever way makes YOU happy!

XOXO, Mama & Tucker

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