We’re having a BOY!

We had the most perfect little gender reveal party & we could not be more excited to be bringing a baby BOY into this world in February! Eeeeek!

As you can tell by this photo, Noah is over the moon about the news! I’d been thinking for a while that it was a boy, just because I’ve been SO lucky & have had NO symptoms! We went through a bunch of old wives tales, which I know are often debunked, but it was still fun to see which ones applied to us. I guess it’s true what they say, a mother’s intuition is always right! 😉

About the Party

My brother & sister-in-law threw us such a wonderful gender reveal party & I’m forever thankful. We trusted them with knowing the gender beforehand and I must say, they didn’t break! They knew for TWO weeks & did such a great job keeping such a big secret!

The current state of the world limited us from having a big ol’ shin dig, but we were still able to make it so special. We celebrated with our family & a few of our closest friends & I would not have had it any other way. The cannons we used were from Poof There It Is & they were absolutely wonderful! We wanted there to be a ton of confetti shooting out & their cannons sure did deliver!

It was a lovely 95 degree day here in Houston & we all gathered in my parents backyard to shoot off the cannons. As we were getting ready, my lovely father wasn’t paying attention & shot his off first. Thank goodness we were all in position, but leave it to my Dad to almost spoil the surprise! 😉 Now we just have a funny story to give him a hard time about for years to come. 😉 Everything worked out perfectly & it will be a day that we remember forever!

All the little Details

Every little detail was thought of & I could not be happier with how things turned out!

Be sure to scroll to the bottom for the best part!

My SIL is just the sweetest & put together this compilation video that I will cherish forever!

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